The Nursing Chair circa 1840’s

Love a good before and after. The good thing about upholstery is that the ‘during’ is the most interesting part before a fake tanned, air brushed finale 😹.


Nursing chair

There hasn’t been time to give her a model photo shoot, but by God she deserves it.

What looked like a fairly reasonable  button backed, sprung seat quickly became apparent that a beautiful rosewood frame was lurking underneath. Someone in the 70’s had taken heavy tacks to her bones 🙀. Fortunately my client understood her beauty and gave me the green light to set about her restoration to her former glory. With hours of French polishing and TLC a marvellous job has been achieved, I’m in awe of how the details have been recovered.

 nursing chair


A tartan repeat like this gives you square eyes and symmetry is tricky  on a curved stitch & stuffed seat. With only a decorative rail on the inside back, challenging curved needle tiny stitching was required.

One of the trickiest, yet fulfilling jobs to date.


Mr Rosie Loves Bruce says it’s time at the bar now and that I have to call it....with big Nic closing the childcare until January 18th I shall be downing tools until then and enjoying home schooling delights...perhaps the girls could get sewing #childlabour 😳


Wishing you all a very Sausagey and ‘well’ Christmas




Team Rosie Loves Bruce xxx


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